Too impressive about the right talking numbers?

  • In 2016, an estimated 7 billion people globally emitted more than 320 million tons of plastic and are expected to double by 2034.
  • 60% -90% of the plastic marine debris debris causes 100,000 mammals, turtles and 1,000,000 seabirds to die each year from ingesting this waste.
  • Extremely toxic Dioxins are released when burning plastic, spreading cancer, affecting health and causing death for all species including us.
  • Do you believe it? Each individual with a small piece of trash can create a tremendous destructive power that spreads from the “butterfly effect”.
  • And yet, that bad thing is coming closer to the evil of deforestation spreading like an infectious disease.
  • 28,000 species could become extinct in the next century, our descendants will face a phenomenon “just know the name, can not know the face of some animals”. Their shady green home was taken away by humans, and humans are also destroying their world by forgetting species of symbiosis in an atmosphere, using the same blue lung.
  • By 2030, only 10% of the rainforest remains, and all will disappear in the next 100 years. Deforestation causes 15% of carbon emissions worldwide.
  • We still have a great distance to sense about the danger of losing everything. Then we should learn more about global warming, or climate change.
  • 97% of scientists agree that the increase in global temperature over the past 100 years is due to human factors.
  • 32,000 dropped to 11,000 in 30 years, the number of Antarctic Adelie penguins disappearing due to rising temperatures.
    20cm over the past 100 years, which is the variable water level rising around the world.
  • A more understandable contribution to the environmental impact is the explosion of numbers.
  • By 2025, half of the population faces a water crisis and people exploit 70% of the available freshwater reserves to serve their water needs.
  • 50% of the world’s wildlife is in danger of extinction due to the increase in human population.

Are you awake Is it too late to Protect the Environment?

Green life, not only revives the colors that exist out there like plants, shade, gardens, … It goes beyond all these surface elements, it lies in the depths of green thinking, where the whole block The brain is connected with the heart to harmonize the “green” beat, transforming them with thoughts, behaviors, actions, behaviors and commitments for human life, human life, and species community.

That change is needed! Why? Because the survival of this world depends on us, green citizens and first of all, must be green warriors.
No fights, no foes. There is only victory over destructive thoughts that lie within each individual, even if it is only a small spark of inherent habit, of innocuous prank. Let’s stop it! Instead of being the lifeblood of thinking for the community around us.

Clean the air, planting trees is a good idea to help absorb CO2 and return O2. Walk and use public transport to reduce emissions

Clean water, do not discharge waste in canals because they drift into the sea polluting. Turn off the water when you do not need it, wasting 19 liters of water per minute.

Clean soil, recycle plastic waste, do not incinerate them, dispose of separately. Replace plastic bags with cloth bags.

New habits are small, but the results from billions of people on this earth are not small. Do it while you still can!

The happiness of this planet is also your own!

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